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Process & Materials

copper coilsThe discs are formulated based upon the mathematics of phi – 1.61803 and the Golden Mean principle to achieve maximum transference of the universal source energy.

Double-terminated quartz crystals are wrapped clockwise with copper wire that has been cut to specific lengths for the most effective generation of energy.

Copper wire pyramid is cut and constructed to exact proportions of the Giza Pyramid. A quartz crystal is wrapped and inserted (point up) inside the wire pyramid.

** All shapes available for insertion into the generators (1D star tetrahedron, 3D star tetrahedron, Wire pyramid, wire tetrahedron, wire hexahedron, and wire octahedron are all cut to exact proportions of the Giza Pyramid. They are then bent to the correct shape and angle and secured with copper wire. I do not use any solder, I hand tie each joint and adjoining side with copper wire cut to the proper length.)

Single-Dimension Star Tetrahedron is cut to the phi ratio and quartz crystals are wire wrapped and attached at each of the six points (which is better: wire cut to a specific length based upon the measurements of Giza, or to wrap the crystal with 11 turns of wire? This seems to be a matter of personal opinion).

3 Dimensional Star Tetrahedron is assembled using a phi ratio with a quartz crystal wire wrapped and inserted – point up – in the center.

Platonic Shapes: Tetrahedron, Hexahedron, Octahedron will be cut to exact proportions of the Giza Pyramid with a double terminated quartz crystal wire wrapped and suspended inside. ** Star Tetrahedron can also be placed inside each of these shapes.

All generators are polished with 6 different grades of sandpaper to achieve a smooth finish.

Additional coils and spirals, after having been cut to Giza proportion, are wound and inserted into each pyramid, disc, or octagon.

Various stones can also be added for specific intentions, energies, or healing purposes.

All pyramids, discs, and octagons include an ample amount of metal to enhance the energy generating properties of the specific shape, in addition to wire coils and spirals cut to specific lengths in accordance with the overall measurements of the Giza Pyramid and/or the “Golden Mean”.

Available Colors for both 3” and 6” generators:
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, Black, White, Gold