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Healing Mother Earth

Pyramid SpectrumThrough time immemorial the earth has always been a living, breathing, and evolving participant in the grand process of individual transcendence. She has birthed, coexisted with, mourned the passing, suffered through, and totally eclipsed countless human civilizations. After their self inflicted demise, she survived and tirelessly continued forward. Occasionally, man learned to maintain a certain degree of balance in regards to the interaction and connectivity to Mother Earth during the continual dance of life. Unfortunately, in recent years as we evolved (and in some aspects – devolved) and the Industrial Age grew stronger. We began to lose our connection and respect for the very being that has sustained our existence for countless eons. Slowly, but steadily and continuously, we detached even further and began to wreak more and more havoc upon the earth and increasingly strangle her precious atmosphere. Today, the entire planet’s population is feeling the continual and rapidly increasing strains the earth is trying to contain, alleviate, cope with, and hopefully survive. We see daily reminders of the strains that she has to bear (earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, drought, increasing levels of pollutants in the air), some of them are natural while many others are inflicted upon her.

pyramidHow long should we expect Mother Earth to carry the burden of this healing process by herself? How long will we wait and how much worse will we allow the situation to become, before a decision is finally made to join in and help the healing? Would we allow our own health to deteriorate to the current state of the Earth’s health, or would we recognize the writing on the wall much sooner?

Fortunately, as the world population gradually awakens to the fact that our home is in jeopardy and we begin to take steps to reverse the years of neglect from a mentality of greed, prejudice, and self-absorption, we continually expand on the vision of a clean and sustainable world to carry future generations into the far reaches of the unknown. Our world will once again return to a balanced state of physical, mental, and spiritual health that each of us longs for in our own life.

We must all do our part, even in a small, seemingly inconsequential or notoriety-less manner. Each action, thought, or intention, is of immense value when combined with the energies of others around the world.