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One of the interesting aspects about crystals is their natural pervasiveness quality. According to scientists, all solid matter is made up of atomic particles and arranged in a definite crystalline structure called a “lattice.” This lattice structure as it is found in minerals like Quartz, Beryl, Diamonds, and others, provide a structure of great stability and flow regularity in regards to the electromagnetic energies that flow through them. This answers the question as to why silicon chips are used to provide the memory inside all computers. Additionally, it helps to explain why quartz crystals can easily be adapted into many watches and clocks to provide a highly accurate measurement of time.

A property of quartz and some other minerals which makes them useful in many areas of everyday life is the piezoelectric effect. This word simply means to “push or press.” It has been found that when a crystal is being compressed, twisted, or distorted in some way it develops a charge. This charge can then be transduced from mechanical energy into electromagnetic energy and vice versa.
The DNA molecule present in each cell of all living organisms is itself a hexagonal crystal structure, approximately ten atoms wide by six feet long. This DNA molecule is intricately folded, in order to fit into the tiny cell nucleus, but if the DNA molecules in a single person were to be stretched out to its full length, and tied together, it would cover a distance of 125 billion miles (this would be the same as travelling from Saturn to the sun and back 70 times!)

Some biophysicists are now openly suggesting that our physical bodies might actually be nothing more than a liquid crystal, which is defined as: a liquid whose component particles, atoms, or molecules, tend to arrange themselves with a degree of order far exceeding that found in ordinary liquids and approaching that of solid crystals. One biophysicist Mae-Wan Ho wrote: “Organisms are so dramatically coherent at the molecular level that they appear to be crystalline…There is a dynamic, liquid crystalline continuum of connective tissues and extracellular matrix linking directly into the equally liquid crystalline cytoplasm in the interior of every single cell in the body. Liquid crystallinity gives organisms their characteristic flexibility, exquisite sensitivity and responsiveness, thus optimizing the rapid, noiseless intercommunication that enables the organism to function as a coherent, coordinated whole. The organism is coherent beyond our wildest dreams. Every part is in communication with every other part through the dynamic, tunable, responsive liquid crystalline medium that pervades the whole body, from organs and tissues to the interior of every cell.”

This idea of conscious attunement with various natural crystals is by no means a “new” idea. Conversely, it has been recognized by numerous cultures for eons, and a multitude of historical sources provide reference to people and rulers who regularly sought insight, inspiration and healing from their personal crystalline energy source.

- from "Book of Stones, Who They Are and What They Teach", by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian